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A Special Offer

Freedom No Pull Harness with double-snap Leash – Close-out Sale

Calming Band

Perfect for the barky, whiney dog.

Leather Leash

Handsome leather for that distinguished look.

Nylon Leash

Give subtle signals to increase cooperation and partnership.

Thundershirts: The Best Solution for Dog Anxiety - Green with TTouch Logo

Thundershirts in green with the Tellington TTouch logo in Yellow.

TTouch Wand

A unique TTouch tool!


TTouch of Magic for Dogs

TTouch for a more relaxed and focused dog.

Unleash Your Dog's Potential

How to achieve a relationship based on appreciation and friendship.


Harnessing Your Dog's Perfection

Discover simple, non-threatening Tellington TTouch exercises and techniques that promote relaxed, enjoyable, loose leash walks for dogs and their people.

TTouch for Dogs Set

A great way to start your TTouch relationship with your dog. $39.95

Tellington TTouch in the Veterinary Practice

Although written for veterinarians and animal health care providers, this 92 page book is interesting for anyone who needs to handle animals in stressful situations or wants to learn to apply TTouch with their sick or injured animal.

The Tellington TTouch: Caring for Animals With Heart And Hands

2008 edition with a new cover and some edits.

TTouch of Magic Cards for Cats and Dogs

Illustrations of TTouches with descriptions

All Wrapped Up: Improving function, performance & behavior with Tellington TTouch Body Wraps

Everything you always wanted to know about Body Wraps for Pets.